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Issues to Make a Difference

This list is far from exhaustive. Send along your own thoughts. A key to any strategy to do something about an issue is to identify leverage points. If you pick out an issue from this list or from any issue you fee strongly about, think first about who you know who is also concerned. Those people are your initial leverage points because you can contact them ans ask "What are you doing?" What they say can guide your own actions or modify ideas about action that will make something happen. St. Francis of Assisi said; "If you want to do the impossible, first pick out what is possible and do that. Pretty soon the impossible becomes possible." 

  • poverty -- local, regional, national or international. "Think globally, act locally!"
  • climate change -- there are only few key people who deny but they are powerful.
  • social justice
  • criminal justice
  • alternative energy generation
  • school choice
  • clean air
  • clean water -- Water is Life, and the quality of water determines the quality of life.
  • public safety -- What is needed to both support and reform police work in our communities?
  • increasing minimum wage
  • gerrymandering reform
  • electoral college reform
  • overturning Citizens United.
  • maximizing voter participation

To advance any of these (or many other) issues, ASK!

  • Who is doing good work on the issue?
  • What are the best leverage points?
  • What actions are sustainable? How might these actions be brought to scale?
  • Who else do I know who is interested in the issue?
  • What contact methods will I be able to use most effectively?