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During my years living within the Lake Superior basin and working in northwestern Wisconsin, I became involved with environmental issues and values as well as community politics, economic development and workforce development. Sustainability found many expressions and the metaphor of the three leg stool or the principle of the triple bottom line emphasizing social, environmental and economic considerations attempted to embrace sustainable practices. My education - reading, reflections, writing, speaking and dialogue - added other important considerations such as Education Ecology, Industrial Ecology, Natural Capital, and The Natural Step. What emerged was the Encircled Fractal Triangle as a personal logo.

The Encircled Fractal Triangle embraces seven elements that are related to my personal philosophy and guide my action agenda through stewardship and sustainability. The seven elements are: ENERGY, EVOLUTION, EDUCATION, ECOLOGY, ECONOMICS, EQUITY and ETHICS.

Energy, Evolution and Education are represented by the three segments of the circle surrounding the triangle. Each apex of the triangle is represented by the extremes of Equity, Ecology, and Economics. At those extremes, guiding questions are "How" questions such as "How can we maximize profits?" "How can we preserve habitat?" or "How can we assure everyone has equal health, wealth and happiness?"

Between these extremes are questions that are Ethical Questions, and each of the nine small triangles between the extremes represent these Ethical Questions such as "Should we maximize profits if land, water or soil will be polluted?" "Is it right to take away land from native people?" or "Should we prevent poverty at the expense of profits?"  Thus the three green, blue and yellow triangles represent the ethical questions between three isolated and  extreme  "how can we . . . " operational considerations of Equity, Ecology, and Economics. The large white triangle at the center of the Encircled Fractal Triangle represents Ethical Principles in an environment that depends on Energy and Education as it Evolves.

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